Environment Law and Climate Responsibility

The challenges which are linked to the climate change, circular economy, ecological transition and nowadays, the COVID-19 pandemic, generate a strong and fast-paced environmental regulatory burden. This is becoming more demanding each time for industries and corporations from all sectors and all their activities stages.

The necessary involvement of companies in Paris Agreement objectives search from ecological transition towards a sober economy in carbon, is more undeniable than ever.

PCS LATAM Avocat offers services and accompanying personalized assistance, in both, advisory and litigation with respect to:

  • ICPE OR CLASSIFIED FACILITIES, in all stages, since their creation, development and activities cessation, labor disputes and relationships with the administration or third parties that could implicate civil, criminal, or administrative liability from ICPE or their operators.
  • SITES AND CONTAMINATED SITES MANAGEMENT, including ICPE classified facilities, in their cessation stage principally, and regimen exempted legal and natural entities in real estate operations between private and public land sales and resulting disputes.
  • CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSABILITY AND CLIMATE RESPONSABILITY. Our experience as internal auditor of a management integrated system for 9001 ISO; 14001 ISO; 18001 OHSAS and as COFRAC qualified auditor to evaluate corporate extra-financial performance statements (L.225-102-1 article from French Commercial Code), allows us to advise companies in their environmental Compliance politics, with global vision of risks and the new climate responsibility approach.