Persons Law and their Implicancy between France-EU and Latam

Bicultural and multinational par excellence, PCS LATAM Avocat is identified with persons’ issues in reference to cross-border legal effects from marriage and divorce, real state acquisition or international investment, filiation, demise, implicating one or more jurisdictions in LATAM, France, and European Union.

  • INTERNATIONAL INHERITANCE, its statements and procedures, its patrimonial and fiscal effects, identifying more advantageous subsequent actions for our clients.
  • NATIONALITY, its acquirement, and its legal and fiscal migratory effects.
  • DIVORCE, friendly and contentious, valuation of their patrimonial, fiscal and filiation effects in function with the implicated jurisdictions.
  • REAL ESTATE SALES AND PURCHASE, commercial representation in France and LATAM, facing public and private bodies implicated in the sale deals, covering the demands and specific formalism to the property condition.